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Starting the Tutorials

Here, we want to give the HOPR user hands-on tutorials to get familiar with the different features.

After installation of the code, an executable is generated in bin/hopr.

All tutorials are found in the directory tutorials

cd tutorials

Choose a tutorial, for example (see Cartesian Box):

cd 1-01-cartbox

Each tutorial has a parameter file named parameter.ini and execute the code with

../../bin/hopr parameter.ini

Find the description of several tutorials for different usage in


Inbuilt Mesh Generators

These tutorials show how to generate simple test meshes consisting of one or multiple straight-edged or curved-edged boxes. With different provided stretching functions a stretched element arrangement can be generated. Furthermore, periodic boundary conditions can be defined and assigned to different boxes' sides to linking them.

External Meshes

These tutorials show how to read in externally generated (un)structured meshes with straight-edged elements and how several methods can be applied to curve the boundary faces of the elements.

Agglomeration of Block-Structured Meshes

Post-processing Meshes

This tutorial shows how to apply specific post-processing steps to the mesh e.g. scaling, deformation, mesh uncurving, mesh refinement and conversion to hexahedra.


If there is a need for assistance of visualizing the HOPR output visit Visualization.