Curved Torus

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Parameter File

This is the parameter file, which is also found in


Post-Deformation from a box to a torus

Analogously to the previous tutorial Mesh Curving by Post-Deformation, we deform a box to a torus with a circular cross section. We only add the main radius of the torus as a parameter

MeshPostDeform=1                            ! deforms [-1,1]^2 to a cylinder with radius Postdeform_R0
PostDeform_R0=s0                           ! here domain is [-2,2]^2 mapped to a cylinder with radius 0.5*2 = 1
PostDeform_Rtorus=rz                        ! z must be inside [0,1] and periodic

Since the connectivity of the mesh is created before the deformation, the boundary condition in z direction must be periodic on the undeformed mesh. The torus then has the correct connectivity.

Picture 1: MeshPostDeform=0
Picture 2: MeshPostDeform=1

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