Curved Sphere

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Parameter File

This is the parameter file, which is also found in


Post-Deformation from a box to a sphere

Analogously to the tutorial Mesh Curving by Post-Deformation, we deform a box to a sphere.


The initial box consists of 1 central zone and 6 neighbor zones, and forms a cube of [-2;2]^3 , being mapped to a sphere of radius 2. Again, PostDeform_R0 can be used to scale the radius. The mapping of the domain inside [-1;1]^3 is again smoothed to avoid singular elements, and outside [-1,1]^3 is perfectly spherical, see Picture 1 and 2.

Picture 1: MeshPostDeform=0
Picture 2: MeshPostDeform=2

Spherical shell

In a variant of the parameterfile, parameter_shell.ini, only 6 domains without the central domain are used and a spherical shell is generated. The boundary conditions have to be changed, and the central hole has a size of [-1,1]^3, see picture 3 and 4, where also the inner boundary face is shown.

Picture 3: parameter_shell.ini, MeshPostDeform=0
Picture 4: parameter_shell.ini, MeshPostDeform=2

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